Spring Term One 2019

Spring Term One 2019

This term we will be learning about Winter,  Road Safety, Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year
Please send your children in warm coats, hats and suitable footwear as lots of activities are planned for outdoors.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development: Making relationships
We will be welcoming many new children.  
We will be focusing on:
  •  getting the children to understand and follow new routines. 
  •  making relationships through shared experiences 
  • forming good relationships with peers
Communication and Language: Listening and Attention
We will be encouraging children to:
  • learn each others’ names
  • recognise sounds
  • anticipate phrases in rhymes
Physical: Moving and Handling
We will be encouraging independence. 
Physical exercise will take place daily.

Literacy: Reading
We will be filling in missing words in rhymes eg Humpty Dumpty sat on a .........
We will be discussing characters in books and predicting outcomes

Mathematics: Numbers
We will be counting objects and comparing quantities.
We will sing counting songs and rhymes using fingers to represent numbers

Understanding the World: People and Communities
We will be talking about the environment and children's experiences
Expressive Arts and Design: Exploring and using media and materials
We will create sounds, talk about texture and move to music

How can you help your child?
Talk to your child about what happens at Pre-school, ask them questions and encourage them to ask you questions.
Talk to your child about road safety  eg the red man means stop
Count objects on the way to school eg “How many red cars can you see?”
Sing songs the children are learning at Pre-school
Encourage children to put their own coats on
Remember: Staff are always available for a chat or advice about your child

Children in Need

Children in Need Friday 16th November

Children are welcome to dress up for Children in Need.

Any donations received will be passed on to Children in Need.

Applying for Primary School

Applying for Primary School

Applications can be made from 12 November 2018.

Applications must be made by 15 January 2019 for a place at infant/primary school

To apply online go to www.derbyshire.gov.uk/admissions.

If you cannot access the internet call Derbyshire 01629 533190

If you apply online or by phone please make a note of your username, password and unique identification numbers. You will need these to log on to change your application or get your decision.

You will be notified of your child's place on 16 April 2019.

Term dates 2018/19

Autumn Term

3rd September 2018 – 26th October 2018

5thNovember 2018 – 14th December 2018 plus additional dates to allow for the Christmas activities 
There will be an opportunity to talk to your child’s key person in October

Spring Term

7th January 2019 – 15th February 2019

25th February 2019 – 12th April 2019

There will be an opportunity to talk to you child’s key person in March

Summer Term

29th April 2019 – 24thMay 2019

3rd June 2019 – 19th July 2019

Reports will be presented in July

Dates for your diary

Pre School coffee morning- Saturday 22nd September 10.30am – 12.00pm

AGM – Monday 1st October 7.30pm 

School photographer – Friday 2ndNovember

Children in Need – Friday 16th November (in session)

Christmas fair- Saturday 1st December 

Christmas play – Tuesday 18th December 9.30am

World book day – Thursday 7thMarch

Open Day – Saturday 11thMay

Registration evening for new starters Tuesday 11thJune 5.30pm – 7.00pm

School Trip – Date to be arranged

Leaver’s Ceremony- Saturday 13thJuly

Look out for events through 2019 to celebrate our 50thanniversary


Poppy Day
Children in Need
St Andrew’s Day

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Managing Feelings and Behaviour
Children will learn to show understanding and cooperate with some boundaries and routines
We will learn to respond to the feelings and wishes of others

Communication and Language

We will use language as a powerful means of widening contact, sharing feelings, experiences and thoughts
We will use talk to connect ideas, explain what is happening and anticipate what might happen next

Physical Development

Health and Self Care
We will support children’s growing independence and talk about the importance of hand washing
We will observe the effects of activity on our bodies


We will encourage the children to make marks in different ways both inside and outside
We will encourage children to give meaning to marks as they draw and paint


Shape, Space & Measure
We will use descriptive words such as big and little in everyday play situations and through books and stories
We will show an interest in shape and space by playing with shapes or making arrangements with objects

Understanding the World

We will seek to acquire basic skills in turning on and operating some ICT equipment
We will encourage children to show an interest in technological toys eg torches, cameras, remote control cars

Expressive arts and design

Being Imaginative
We will being to make believe by pretending
We will create movement in response to music

How can you help your child?
Talk to your child about what happens at Pre-school, ask them questions and encourage them to ask you questions.
Talk about colours and shapes and look for colours and shapes around them
Sing songs the children are learning at Pre-school

Remember: Staff are always available for a chat or advice about your child.

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