Summer Term One 2015


Growing and Spring

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Managing Feelings and Behaviour
Children will be thinking about their emotions.
Children will talk about our rules and how we can make things fair

Communication and Language
We will be encouraging the children to talk about their interests
The children will have lots of opportunities to develop their speaking and listening skills through a variety of activities

Physical Development
Moving and Handling
Energetic play will take place daily
Opportunities will be provided for children to practice manipulative skills

We will focus on meaningful print eg children's names
We will be looking at Traditional stories and discussing the characters with the children

We will learn numbers by singing counting songs
We will encourage children to count the things they see and do eg jumps

Understanding the World
We will encourage children to show an interest in technological toys eg torches, cameras, mobile phones
We will be encouraging children to acquire basic skills when operating ICT equipment

Expressive arts and design
Exploring and Using Media and Materials
Children will be encouraged to experiment with blocks, colours and marks
Children will experience different painting techniques eg marble, printing, finger

How can you help your child?
Continue to talk to your child about what happens at Pre-school, ask them questions and encourage them to ask you questions.
Count objects on the way to school eg "How many red cars can you see?"
Sing songs the children are learning at Pre-school

Remember: staff are always available for a chat or advice about your child.

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