Spring Term One 2016

Spring Term One 2016

This term we will be learning about winter.

Please send your children in warm coats, hats and suitable footwear as lots of activities are planned for outdoors.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development: Making relationships

We will be welcoming many new children.  We will be focusing on:

  •  getting the children to understand and follow new routines. 
  •  making relationships through shared experiences 
  • forming good relationships with peers

Communication and Language: Listening and Attention

We will be encouraging children to:

  • learn each others names
  • recognise sounds
  • anticipate phrases in rhymes

Physical: Moving and Handling

We will be encouraging independence. 

Physical exercise will take place daily.

Literacy: Reading

We will be filling in missing words in rhymes eg Humpty Dumpty sat on a .........

We will be discussing characters in books and predicting outcomes

Mathematics: Numbers

We will be counting objects and comparing quantities.

We will sing counting songs and rhymes using fingers to represent numbers

Understanding the World: People and Communities

We will be talking about the environment and children's experiences

Expressive Arts and Design: Exploring and using media and materials

We will create sounds, talk about texture and move to music

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