Autumn 2 curriculum


Bonfire, Poppy Day, Children in Need, St Andrew's Day, Christmas

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Managing Feelings and Behaviour

Children will learn to show understanding and cooperate with some boundaries and routines

We will learn to respond to the feelings and wishes of others

 Communication and Language


We will use language as a powerful means of widening contact, sharing feelings, experiences and thoughts

We will use talk to connect ideas, explain what is happening and anticipate what might happen next

Physical Development

Health and Self Care

We will support children’s growing independence and talk about the importance of hand washing

We will observe the effects of activity on our bodies


Shape, Space & Measure

We will use descriptive words such as big and little in everyday play situations and through books and stories

We will show an interest in shape and space by playing with shapes or making arrangements with objects
Understanding the World


We will seek to acquire basic skills in turning on and operating some ICT equipment

We will encourage children to show an interest in technological toys eg torches, cameras, remote control cars

Expressive arts and design

Being Imaginative

We will being to make believe by pretending

We will create movement in response to music

How you can help
Talk to your child about what happens at Pre-School, ask them questions and encourage them to ask questions
Talk to them about colours and shapes around them
Sing songs the children are learning at Pre-School

Remember- staff are always available for a chat or advice about your child

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