Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Self Confidence and Self Awareness

Separate from main carer with support

Understanding and following new/old routines

Promoting independence when making choices

Communication and Language


We will develop an understanding of simple concepts such as big/little

We will provide opportunities for children to talk about what they see, hear, think and feel

We will prompt children's thinking

Physical Development

Moving and Handling

We will motivate children to be active through music and movement

We will encourage children in their efforts to pour a drink and manipulate objects in their play


We will encourage children to fill in the missing word eg Humpty Dumpty sat on a ........

We will focus on meaningful print such as children's names



We will sing counting songs and rhymes which help to develop children's understanding of number

We will be counting objects and comparing quantities

Understanding the World

The World

We will tell stories about places and journeys

We will develop an understanding of growth, decay and changes over time

Expressive arts and design

Exploring and using Media and Materials

We will encourage and support the inventive ways in which children add or mix media

We will talk about children's growing interest in and use of colours as they begin to find differences between colours

How can you help your child?
Talk to your child about what happens at Pre-school, ask them questions and encourage them to ask you questions.
Count objects on the way to school eg "How many red cars can you see?"
Sing songs the children are learning at Pre-school

Remember: staff are always available for a chat or advice about your child.

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